Pat is the dude, he knows about every thing there's to know to program an Android app and organize code.
Tingo (second programmer) has experience with video games creation and knows how to do things quick and easy.
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Joel Quinn
The professional illustrator that created the illustrations and animations for the game.
Yao helped by the end of the development making everything look nicer and cleaner!
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Minivolt, the electrifying android game

Minivolt is a free app that is available for all Android phones and tablets.
It is right now in βeta version, so if you find any bugs, errors and crashes, do not hesitate to contact us.

The story behind it ...

Minivolt is set in the year 2.400 right when the Technology Singularity happens. Circuits are now intelligent, and maintain energy and electrical equilibrium.

Everything is perfect--up to the day where some Malware infests them, leaving you to clean up the mess. You must reestablish the equilibrium in the circuits and make sure they are secure from intrusion.
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